I'm married to Myra

This is me

Family, Hobbies and Interests


We have three children, two girls (Kelly and Tracy) and a son Scott. All three are married.. We have fifteen grandchildren.

See some pictures of some of my family here. Click for pictures of me growing up here. Click for pictures of Vietnam here.

Click here for a story my Dad wrote of his early life - A Boy Named Reg


My hobbies are many. Among them are:

  • My computer on which I do all the usual stuff like spreadsheets, word processing and finances. I also do a lot of 3D graphics using Ray Dream Studio 5.0, Bryce 2.0, and Fractal Painter 5.0. You can check some of them out here.

  • Pen and Ink drawing, mostly pointalism. I've been selling prints of most of them and have been lucky enough to have gotten Blue Ribbons at shows for all of them. Occasionally I'm honored to have been asked to do gallary showings in the area that I live in. Click here to see some examples

  • Making scale models. I love to build scale models. I've been doing them since I was a kid. I particularly like making scratch built wooden ship models. I was once a member of the Washington Ship Model Society and am a Founder and Charter Member of the Jacksonville Ship Model Society. Two of my models are in the Jacksonville Maritime Museum (or rather there were two until the case of one broke, so that ship is now in drydock). For more on my models click here.

  • Supporting Our Troops.  I support our troops and the missions they have been dispatched to carry out.  I will not tolerate the desicration of our Military Memorials. See some photos here .


  • Reading. I love reading about history, old civilizations, archeology, astronomy, World War II, mysteries, and self-help books.
  • Traveling. I've traveled all over the world with my family, the Navy and the company I used to work for.  I've lived in:
    1. Germany (3 years: 1947-'49)
    2. Spain (9 months: '88)
    3. and France (3 years: 1986-'88)
    4. .
  • I've traveled to:
    • England,
    • Canada,
    • Portugal,
    • South Africa,
    • The Netherlands,
    • Switzerland,
    • Belgium,
    • Luxemberg,
    • Italy,
    • Majorca,
    • Monaco,
    • Tunisia,
    • Egypt,
    • Saudia Arabia,
    • Yeman,
    • Kenya,
    • Bahrain,
    • Yugoslavia,
    • Greece,
    • South Korea,
    • Japan,
    • The Bahamas,
    • Jamaca,
    • Granada,
    • Cuba,
    • Aruba,
    • Venezuela,
    • Puerto Rico,
    • Cayman,
    • Mexico,
    • Belize,
    • Guam,
    • Okinawa,
    • Viet Nam,
    • Curacao,
    • Dominican Republic,
    • South Vietnam,

  • Movies. I have a colection of over 4000 DVDs.
  • Graphics. Some graphics that I am associated with.